Map of Early Modern London

People Involved: 
Shannon E. Kelley Contributor, Instructor
Students enrolled in the course EN213: Shakespeare I
Type of Project: 
Student Project
Project Info: 

The Map of Early Modern London (MoEML), is an ongoing project by the University of Victoria to map the spatial imaginary of Shakespeare’s city. The project asks how London’s spaces and places were named, traversed, used, repurposed, and contested by various practitioners, writers, and civic officials. MoEML’s maps allow users to plot people, historical documents, literary works, and recent critical research onto topography and the built environment.

Shannon Kelley is a MoEML Pedagogical Partner of the project. Students enrolled in English 213 – Shakespeare I at Fairfield University in the Fall of 2014 also contributed to the project.

Shannon's essay on digital pedagogy and crowdsourcing for The Map of Early Modern London on Digital Humanities Quarterly.