INDIA: Skill Training for Employability Project

People Involved: 
Gita Rajan Project Director
Type of Project: 
Faculty Original Project
Project Info: 

INDIA: Skill Training for Employability Project (IndiaStep) is designed to help bring women into the workforce after effective skill training, and to ensure that they remain in the workforce to engender sustainable development.

The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have decisively documented that there is a strong correlation between women entering the workforce and an uptick in national GDP. It is also accepted wisdom that women, more than men in developing economies, are able to sustain this economic growth because they continually invest in the education of children and well-being of families (Grameen Bank report). It is in this larger dialogue framework of women in the arena of sustainable development that INDIA: Skill Training for Employability Project, an innovative implementation research plan, operates.