dh+lib special issue

dh+lib is excited to publish a special issue, “Digital Humanities In the Library / Of the Library,” edited by Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Zach Coble, Thomas Padilla, Caro Pinto, Sarah Potvin, John Russell, Roxanne Shirazi, and Patrick Williams. Featuring ten contributions by twenty-two authors, the articles examine the points of contact between digital humanities and libraries. What is at stake, and what issues arise when the two meet? Where are we, and where might we be going? Who are “we”?


We issued the CFP to this listserv in April and the authors and editors have since been tirelessly working to craft the range of perspectives presented in this issue. We hope it is informative and enjoyable.


Digital Humanities In the Library / Of the Library

Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Thomas Padilla, Sarah Potvin


On the Word, Digital

Craig Dietrich and Ashley Sanders


Is Promotion and Tenure Inhibiting DH/Library Collaboration? A Case for Care and Repair

J. Matthew Huculak and Lisa Goddard


"Peripheries, Barriers, Hierarchies": Towards a Praxis of Critical Librarianship and Digital Humanities

Pamella Lach, Brian Rosenblum, Élika Ortega, and Stephanie Gamble


Between a Book and a Hard Place: Translating the Value of Digital Humanities in a Reconfigured Library

Purdom Lindblad, Laura Miller, and Jeremy Boggs


Do DH Librarians Need to be in the Library??: DH Librarianship in Academic Units

Brandon Locke and Kristen Mapes


Not Your DH Teddy Bear; or, Emotional Labor is Not Going Away

Paige Morgan


What Does Digital Feminist Curation Look Like?

Jennifer Rajchel and Elizabeth Myers


Cross-disciplinarity at the Crossroads

Sarah Stanley and Micah Vandegrift


Developing Research Tools via Voices from the Field

Smiljana Antonijević Ubois and Ellysa Stern Cahoy


When Metadata Becomes Outreach: Indexing, Describing, and Encoding for DH

Emma Annette Wilson and Mary Alexander